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  • Mind and Heart Coaching


  • Mind and Heart Coaching


  • Mind and Heart Coaching


Mind And Heart Coaching

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Work one-on-one with Dr. Sherry Kelly via Skype, FaceTime, or Phone.  A personalized coaching program that is goal-oriented, time-limited, and results-focused is developed for each client.

What is the difference between therapy and coaching?  The focus of Mind And Heart Coaching is about moving forward with positivity.  Mind And Heart Coaching is future-oriented, utilizing many strategies based in Positive Psychology and a “Growth Mindset”.  Unlike traditional therapy, coaching has a focus on the future with a unique game plan for success that is individualized for each client’s strengths. Mind And Heart Coaching with Dr. Kelly offers clients cognitive and behavioral strategies with feedback to foster positive growth mindsets that will help clients reach realistic goals.   Dr. Kelly’s background provides clients with understanding of challenging transitions, coping with illness and loss, and working through life-changes. We are on your journey together!

Why a package of coaching? First, you are investing in yourself and you deserve a coach that will also invest time in your journey.  Making significant changes requires time, effort and commitment.  Together, we develop positive strategies to help you thrive, not simply survive.

Dr. Kelly offers a package of 6 coaching sessions, each one hour in length, for a total cost of $1500.  The sessions can be scheduled to meet your needs either on a weekly basis, twice-weekly, or daily.  Most clients alternate between sessions on a weekly or twice weekly basis.  Sometimes clients have specific projects or transitions that require flexible scheduling.  After the initial package of 6 sessions, individual sessions can be scheduled at a cost of $ 250 per hour.

Mind and Heart Coaching
Mind and Heart Coaching

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